Energy-saving Industrial Pump Valve

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Energy-saving Industrial Pump Valve, Energy-saving Industrial Pump Valve
Recently, the key project of "Key Technologies of Energy Saving for Industrial Motor and Typical Pump Valves" of "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" National Science and Technology Support Plan, which was jointly undertaken by Hefei Hawk Chemical Equipment Energy Saving Engineering Technology Company, has passed the acceptance test in Hefei, Anhui Province.Liquid
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On "Development and Application of Energy Saving Technologies for High Efficiency and Energy Saving Industrial Pump Valves".Vacuum Pump
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Aiming at the development and application of energy-saving technologies for typical products such as pumps for petrochemical industry and condensate water recovery devices for steam system, key technologies such as high-efficiency hydraulic model and energy-saving optimization design of overall structure are studied. High-efficiency and no-overload hydraulic models for centrifugal pumps, mixed-flow pumps and tubular pumps are developed.Rotary Vane
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The key manufacturing technology, formulation of
wear-resistant material and sealing technology of the pump are solved. The key
energy-saving technology of condensate water recovery device of steam trap is
overcome. The average efficiency of tower bottom pump, desulfurization pump of
power station and large tubular pump of the refinery unit developed are
increased by more than 5% compared with similar domestic products.Roots vacuum

The condensate water recovery device of steam trap with high efficiency can achieve 95% condensate water recovery rate. The energy-saving products have been successfully applied in petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, power station, East Route of South-to-North Water Transfer Project and other fields.Water
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This research has a positive effect on improving the utilization rate of heat energy in steam system, promoting the promotion and renewal of energy-saving products and technologies in steam pipe network system in China, and increasing the recovery and utilization of heat energy.piston vacuum
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